Ready to build your side hustle but have NO idea where to start?

I help women who love their 9-5 but want to create something of their own and are overwhelmed by the HOW. When they work with me, I give them the resources and support so they get clarity on exactly what first steps they need to take so that they can create a side hustle they love that fits within their life. 

Think of me as Your Side Hustle BFF

As side hustlers, we often face challenges that full-time entrepreneurs don't quite understand.

We are juggling a business and a day job, we often don’t have time or motivation for both/either, and we struggle to get it all done while taking care of our family and ourselves.

My mission is to help you create a side hustle lifestyle that allows you to pursue your passion, make some money, and still have a life.

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Lessons Learned from #jesspicks

Here are lessons and tips I’ve learned running #jesspicks over the years.

Promote Things You Love - 10 Day Challenge

Want to start making money promoting things you love?  Affiliate marketing is a way to do that.  Let's work together over 10 days so you can start making money in your sleep!

Set up a Profitable Side Hustle eBook

Learn how to build a profitable online side hustle step by step from scratch. You don't need anything except a laptop and an internet connection.

This eBook talks about different types of online businesses including services, digital products, and content creation. Just $49.

[FREE] 10 Easy Tips to Increase your Affiliate Income

Make money from affiliate marketing with these easy tips - perfect for side hustlers and online solopreneurs who want to learn how to make passive income from blogging.

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