“I feel like I got as much out of an hour with you on Voxer as I would on any other platform, maybe more. It allowed the session to stay concise and focused and we were able to make the most of our time together.” ~Betsy

“I loved working with Jessica. It was so helpful to talk about my ideas with someone objective and unconnected to me in my professional and personal life. She’s insightful, pragmatic, and encouraging, and her feedback/comments/ideas were always interesting and relevant. And they really helped me pare things down in my mind and get some clarity.” ~Angela

“I felt that I was ‘picking’ your brain, but with encouragement and that felt good as I did not feel I was bothering you with all my questions/discussions.”  ~Katherine

“I tend to have lots of ideas and then can’t focus. The chats helped me to refocus, think about the time I can commit to this. I really started to look at my time and then began prioritizing.” ~Maria

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