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Side Hustle Generation

In August, I did a webinar on side hustles for the National Urban League’s Digital Career Success Series.

I believe this talk really encapsulates the lessons I’ve learned throughout my own side hustling journey and some key takeaways:

  • Get clear on your why. Are you trying to earn extra money, pursue a passion, launch a business? 
  • Figure out what you can offer: What can you talk about all day? Who are the peeps you want to help? What would someone pay you $50/hour to do?
  • Make time: Identify your existing commitments and schedule side hustle time. Then, see if you can use some of your high-energy time for your business.
  • Start experimenting: Tell your friends, share on social media, and take on a guinea pig client or two.
  • Make time for self-care to help prevent burnout.
  • Celebrate the baby steps, and remember, YOU get to define success!

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